Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

A judge has ruled against an acclaimed choreographer who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him as a child. L.A. County Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff dismissed Wade Robson’s lawsuit Tuesday and awarded summary judgment to two corporation owned by the late King of Pop, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures. Mr. Robson, 35, sued the defendants in 2013, alleging Jackson molested him over a seven-year period starting after they first met in the late 1980s. The judge stated: “without control over Michael Jackson, the corporate defendants could not impose ‘reasonable safeguards’ or take ‘reasonable steps’ to ‘avoid acts of unlawful sexual conduct in the future’ by Michael Jackson.”

Michael Jackson Is Finally Free Of All Sex Abuse Cases

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Editorial credit: Hayk_Shalunts / Shutterstock.com