Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger

Good day and rotten greetings to all of my readers! Once again I return with information on upcoming events and to share some of my excursions. I apologize for the delay between posts and this will definitely be decreased when I am done with college in December, just in time for a new year of cosplay excitement in the Midwest. 

Topping the list of upcoming events is the Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger, or KCZW4H as it is known to the local walking rotten dead. The Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger is a charity event dedicated to gathering resources for people living in the Kansas City area who are suffering from hunger or homelessness. Now approaching its tenth year, the Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger has gathered over 5,000 pounds of food for those in need.

Every year the Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger is held at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo and is geared towards all ages.  This year's walk will start and end at the Block Cancer Survivor's Park. KCZW4H feels it is important for people of all ages to be aware of those in need in their community. KCZW4H therefore makes a concerted effort to make the Walk a fun, family-friendly event. 

KCZW4H asks that all participants bring a donation of 5 non-perishable food items and register at the Registration and Donations Table at the Block Cancer Survivor's Park and when registering each person needs to be present at registration with their food. This year KCZW4H's beneficiary is Artists Helping the Homeless. When you register and drop off your donations you will also receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win exciting prizes!
Please remember to check expiration dates on the products that you donate, nobody wants rotten food, not even the zombies.

What time should you plan on arriving? Great question, the registration line can get long, so we ask that participants arrive as close to the event start time as possible, that means the registration time and not the walk time. Registration for KCZW4H starts at 2pm and the walk, shamble, and some crawling through the Plaza starts at 3.  Please give yourself ample time to park and get to the registration table.  One hour sounds like a lot, but it isn’t much time to get 400+ participants registered, process their donations, hand out raffle tickets, get folks bloodied up, and make the pre-walk announcement so the earlier you can arrive the better!

Umbrella Corp Kansas City, local zombie hunters, and myself as Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver will be helping KCZW4H by providing security, checking weapons, escorting the shambling dead through the Plaza, and ensuring the zombie infection doesn't become and outbreak and start the zombie apocalypse the local Zombie Queen desires. As mentioned, security will be checking weapons, so if your costume involves weapons it needs to be obvious that they are fake. How do you make sure your weapons are obviously fake? Someone who is legally blind should be able to tell that your weapon (knife, axe, gun, etc.) is fake. Brightly colored toy guns and toy guns with the obnoxious orange caps on the end are REQUIRED if a gun is part of your costume. Honestly, we think even toy guns are probably a bad idea at a Zombie Walk, but if you must then these are the rules. Absolutely no replica weapons, the word replica implies “like the real thing.” If you bring a real weapon or a replica weapon you will be asked to leave. If you refuse to comply we will contact the appropriate authorities to see that you do. 
Other rules and information about the walk can be found at: http://kczombiewalk.org 

What else have I been up to? Well I completed a new cosplay for one, I've gone to Kansas City Comicon and TopCon for two and three, and I'm working on a new cosplay for four that will be revealed next year if all goes to plan. My new cosplay is a Star Wars costume of a Revanite, a follower of Revan, and was mostly commissioned by Saint's Customs in Overland Park, KS. I have taken photos and will be submitting to The Dark Empire to be officially approved for Star Wars events and begin working alongside some of my best friends in that local cosplay charity world. My first event with them was at the Kansas City Zoo's Hoots and Howls last weekend. I had a ton of fun spending time with my friends, taking pictures with all of the children and adults, and spending a beautiful day at the KC Zoo.

I don't want this post to get too long, so I will cut things off here and post another one very soon as post con reports on TopCon and KCCC. Until next time, I am Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver. Umbrella – Our Business is Life Itself