Miss Music’s Post-SXSW Music Roundup

It’s been a rough few days recovering from SXSW… I was welcomed home with a bad cold and was severely sleep deprived.  Now that things are (somewhat) back to normal, I wanted to post about some of the artists I saw at SXSW that I didn’t post about while I was in Austin…

(Ball Park Music Photoy by: Emily Katz)
Ball Park Music is a quirky, indie pop group from Brisbane, Australia.  Their songs will have you tapping your foot, and their unconventional lyrics will have you feeling refreshed. These guys and gal were so much fun to watch, especially when the singer set his guitar down to show off his sweet dance moves.
Check out the video for their song “She Only Loves Me When I’m There.”
Holychild (http://www.facebook.com/holychildmusic)

(Holychild Photo by: Emily Katz)

Over the course of a week, I saw upwards of hundreds of musical artists perform, and Holychild was easily one of my top 3 favorite acts I saw.  I debated giving them their own post, but this little mention will do for now.  Their performance was mindblowing.  I saw them at the Riot Room here in KC last year, and was impressed then.  Since last year, they’ve changed their stage lineup, adding two back up vocalists/dancers who definitely added to the entertainment factor of their set.  With their danceable pop hooks, artsy stage decor and wardrobe, and lead singer Liz dancing in the crowd, Holychild put on an unforgettable show.  Check out the video for their song “Running Behind.”
Lenka (http://www.facebook.com/Lenka)

(Lenka Photo by: Emily Katz)

You may know Lenka for her popular 2008 hit “The Show,” but the Australian singer/songwriter is back with new music, and I was fortunate to hear her play some of it at SXSW.  She recently release a new new single, “Blue Skies,” and had charming stage decor to go along with her performance of that song.  Check out the video below:
The Family Crest (http://www.facebook.com/thefamilycrest)

(The Family Crest Photo by: Emily Katz)

The Family Crest is an orchestral pop band from San Francisco.  Their music gives a modern boost to classical music.  The Family Crest really stood out to me among all of the performances I saw, because of their innovative sound and stage presence.  Check out the video for their song “Love Don’t Go.”
At SXSW, you never know who you’ll end up meeting.  While checking out some artists from the midwest at the MidCoast Takeover, I got to talking with Dylan Guthrie, the lead vocalist of Pink Royal, a band from Lawrence.  They’re a band of multiple musical genres, with hints of indie pop, ambient rock, soul, and electronica. They can play it all! Support local music and go to http://pinkroyal.bandcamp.com for a free download of their debut single  “Give Me Something Real.”Check out my SXSW 2015 playlist on Spotify to hear these bands and more of my favorites from my music-filled week in Austin! https://open.spotify.com/user/mlecats/playlist/5Dwde3hjO9TsSSne8BDrq4