SXSW Day 5

Day 5 was another great music-filled day. It’s hard to believe that after today, SXSW will be over.

(January May)

One of the many things I love about SXSW is that there is live music EVERYWHERE.  While wandering around killing time yesterday, I walked into a bar and discovered the band January May (  The indie singer/songwriter trio has both a male and female vocalist, and their soft and sweet voices complement one another perfectly.  They released an album, Troublemade, late last year, and it is available on iTunes.

(Bruiser Queen)

Rock ‘N Roll is still very much alive, and Bruiser Queen ( is a prime example. The St. Louis duo pumped up SXSW goers with continuous rock anthems. They wore gold metallic capes, which was a nice added punk-like touch.  With only a guitar, drums, and vocals, Bruiser Queen belted out powerful rock tunes, which you can see and hear for yourself in KC next month at Middle of the Map Fest!

Another band I accidentally stumbled upon yesterday (turns out I’d actually heard them before!) was Coin (  The Nashville natives remind me of a poppier version of Passion Pit.  Every single song they played was ridiculously catchy and had the crowd dancing.  As soon as they got off stage, a large part of the crowd shifted from the stage to swarm the band for pictures, so I think it’s safe to say they were very well-received by the crowd. They just released their self-titled EP last month, and it’s available on iTunes.  Check out their single “Run” off the EP!