SXSW Day 2

Day 2 of SXSW has come to an end.  It was another great music-filled day!

I started the day off hanging out at the MidCoast Takeover, which is a showcase set up for bands from all over the midwest.  I saw AY Musik (, who I wrote about last month when I saw him perform at the Folk Alliance Conference.  His drummer couldn’t make the trip to Austin, so he had to adjust his set, but he pulled it off! He sounded great and was so much fun to watch!


I also caught local Kansas City band Captiva (, who I had never seen before.  After hearing and seeing them for the first time yesterday, I’m convinced they can play any genre of music and sound great.  Their sound had a combination of reggae, soul, rock, and rap.  They had a ton of energy and definitely got me pumped up for the rest of the day.  During their set, an Austin local said to me, “Kansas City has a lot of great music!”  I couldn’t agree more.  It’s awesome to have so much KC music represented at SXSW!

(Secondhand Serenade [left] & Ryan Cabrera [right])

Another highlight of my day was seeing some longtime favorites of mine/Mix 93.3 artists, Secondhand Serenade and Ryan Cabrera. You may have heard me swooning over Ryan and reminiscing on the Rocket & Teresa Show this morning. I’ve been a huge fan for so long, and his music definitely played a role in me turning my love for music into a career.  He and Secondhand Serenade are currently on the Radio Revival Tour together, and stopped in Austin to play SXSW. Both artists played a combination of old hits (i.e. Secondhand’s “Fall for You,” and Ryan’s “On the Way Down”), and new songs.  Secondhand Serenade released a new album titled Undefeated last year, and Ryan Cabrera just released a new EP titled Wake Up Beautiful.

Here’s a clip of Secondhand Serenade performing “Back to the Old Days” off of his newest album:

And for old times sake, here’s a video of him performing “Fall for You” yesterday:

I was unable to get any decent sounding audio or video for Ryan Cabrera, as I was being pushed around by some crazy fans. He definitely still has a dedicated fanbase.  wink

(Circa Waves)

If you haven’t already heard Circa Waves (, I guarantee you’ll be hearing them everywhere soon! Circa Waves is an alternative pop/rock band from Liverpool, England.  They’ve also got a bit of a punk sound too them, and that combination had the crowd dancing throughout their entire set.  I’ve been hooked on their debut self-titled EP lately, so I couldn’t wait to see them perform live! They played infectiously catchy anthem after infectiously catchy anthem.  They’re playing a few more shows at SXSW, so I’m hoping to have time to see them again. They’re THAT good.  They’ll be releasing their debut full length album on March 30th!

Here’s a clip of them performing their song “Get Away”: