Winter Wrap Up

Hello again to all of you out there, there has been a lot going on and life has been hectic, but it's also kind of a down time of year for cosplayers. Many cosplayers in the area use this time of year for building new cosplays, planning their year, and catching up with friends outside of the cosplay world. There has been a lot of excitement in private circles about what people are planning, sharing ideas on how to accomplish things, and teasing each other with glimpses of what is to come, plus a photo shoot or two for us to have fun and show off our gear.

I am no exception other than one big event that happened right before Christmas. A group of local cosplayers found out that Children's Mercy Hospital had lost most of their funding for a program that provides toys during the holidays for patients who are in the hospital during that time when their two biggest donors canceled their usual donations. When this information was shared with us, many of the local charity cosplayers and Elite Comics went into overdrive to collect donations and bring the holidays and some smiles to the children who must spend that time at Children's Mercy Hospital. One of my best friends, Ron Panda Coleman, aka Crunk Panda, personally raised about two thousand dollars from friends and businesses, Eilte Comics held a benefit night and also donated a large amount towards the goal, but the biggest donation came from Target which donated thousands to the cause, invited cosplayers involved to come shop in costume for the children, helped with a tax free sale, and had a special lane open just for us as our cosplayers rang up thousands of dollars worth of toys, clothing, and games for the children at CMH. The cosplayers involved shopped at the Target on 119th St and Metcalf in Overland Park, KS and filled cart after cart which turned into bag after bag of items for CMH that was then delivered courtesy of FedEx by a semi-trailer to the downtown location of CMH. Thank you again to all involved, especially to Jessica Meditz-Porter and Elite Comics for organizing and sharing the event and Ron Panda Coleman for such a great fundraising effort. If you want to know more about our charity work, please contact me through this page, my facebook, or Panda's website:

We can also be found at various events around town, speaking of which….It's that time of year again! Con season is starting to get busy in the Midwest with VisionCon in Branson already having come and gone and the area's biggest comicon right around the corner. Planet Comicon will be held at Bartle Hall on the weekend of March 13-15 in Kansas City, MO. Many of the Midwest's best cosplayers, professional cosplayers, and some stars of movie and television fame plus comic creators and artists will be on hand to great guests and of course there will also be a plethora of vendors selling art, shirts, chainmail armor (check out Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations for some awesome comic related creations and to see my friend Lana Lethal and her husband who will be dressed in different comic characters using chainmail for their outfits), plus artists like Steven K Smith, Tony Ackerman, and Dennis Butt who will be displaying custom creations ranging from Borderlands to Predator and who sell commissioned pieces. The 501st will definitely be on hand as will the Rebel Alliance and the Mandalorian Mercs plus I am honored to yet again have the privilege of working with the Iron Brothers of Topeka who will be entertaining the crowd and taking pictures with guests with their newly remodeled War Machine and their Iron Man, Agent Rescue and their award winning Battlestar Galactica Cylon and Viper pilots. I will be accompanying them a slightly upgraded Vector of Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and I will be debuting my Cyclops from X-Men for the first time at a con plus Angela Diegel will be joining us to cosplay and do photography as well. There are a lot more events coming up this summer, but this will be the first big con in the Kansas City area for 2015. 

Information on hours and ticket prices can be found at:

Now that con season is kicking back up, I'll be posting more and there will definitely be a big post-PCC report and hopefully a celebrity interview or two. After PCC, I have Denver Comic Con in May, a new con named Kansas City Comic Con in the fall and TopCon in September. Toss in a few zombie walks, Crypticon, and various charity events and that will be most of my schedule for the year. Lots coming up…so stay tuned!

Until next time, I am Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver. Umbrella – Our Business is Life Itself.

Comic Con Ron