Hello again everyone, it has been a bit longer than I wanted between posts, but life has been very hectic between nursing and cosplay. What have I been up to? Well, other than tests and hospital rotations, I was able to get out to a couple of zombie walk events in both Lawrence and Topeka as well as the first annual TopCon event with IBOT. 

TopCon was held in a rather small venue in Topeka, hence the "Top" part of the name, but was a huge success. For a first time event it brought in over 700 people with minimal advertising and space for probably less than 150 people in the room at any given time. Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver joined up with IBOT – Iron Brothers of Topeka to entertain the crowd, show off our work, and enjoy the event. IBOT started out with their iconic Iron Man themed gear in the morning and after a quick lunch, which is always interesting going out in public with most of the cosplay gear on, they came back to wow the crowds with the Battlestar Galactica themed Cylon and Viper pilots. There were many vendors on hand selling items from comics to patches to games and much more plus numerous local cosplayers showed up for the afternoon costume contest. I helped to judge the contest with members of IBOT, The Enigma, plus a founder of the convention; an exciting and a bit stressful experience for me as it was my first time judging costumes at a con. I have to take it to a personal level for a moment as at this convention is also where I met my new girlfriend, Angela, whom you will be seeing much of in the coming months as she will be joining me in cosplay and also doing photography for me. Angela is a lovely lady who has already spent time with me at 3 different events and we have already made plans to attend 3 more around my nursing schedule, so there will be a lot more pictures and details to come!

A couple of weeks after that I joined the Iron Brothers of Topeka for the Inaugural run for the SuperMax 5K Run/Walk & Kids Superhero Dash.  SuperMax 5K was created as a fundraiser to support Maxton’s Fight, a foundation serving to support families battling acute pediatric diseases, including its namesake Maxton Prill, held a successful inaugural event Saturday, Sept. 27 with the SuperMax 5k Run/Walk and Superhero Kids Dash.  “We thank everyone for such a great inaugural event for Maxton’s Fight,” Maxton’s Fight President Robin Prill said. “Because of the success of the event, we have been able to provide donations to several worthy causes, including Feel Better Friends, Joy in the Cause and Capes 4 Heroes, as well as support Maxton’s own battle with leukemia.
Hosted at the Sports Car Club of America headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, the event drew more than 100 participants and another 50-plus attendees. The day featured both foot races, as well as a superhero-themed festival that included the locally-based IBOT Brothers; Vector; Topeka Roadrunners mascot Reggie; racecars from Jesse Prather Motorsports and C.J. McAbee; and everyday superhero representatives from the fire department, police department and military.
Please see Ryan Bishop’s event video here:
Please see event images here:


Topeka Zombie Crawl, an annual event that collects food donations and then leads those who donate on a walk around the Capitol building ending on the steps of the Capitol for photos and fun with an after party and costume contest as well. There were a lot of zombies this year and a few zombie hunters. Topeka has a group of Zombie Response Team members who appeared as a group, but my Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver won the award of Best Zombie Hunter of the event. I rarely enter contests, but I had so much fun playing and posing with children and adults, zombies and hunters, and people just passing by the area as well that when it was time for the contest, people voted for me regardless. The night continued after the contest with music and zombie dancing in the street plus food from some local vendors, it was a great time for everyone.

Unfortunately due to nursing school I had to miss the Denver Zombie Crawl event with Umbrella Corp Denver this year as well as the Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger walk with Umbrella Corp – Kansas City, but I will have some follow up reports for those events coming soon from my friends who were there. I have a secret project in the works for a new cosplay that I hope to be unveiling soon, but for now very little details are being shared. The next event that I will be planning on is Halloween at the Alcott Superheroes and Villains event for the Alcott Art Center, a Not for Profit Arts Center in KCK. My friend who is an incredible artist, Darryl Woods, volunteers for Alcott a few times a year and always on Halloween. This year the theme is Superheroes and Villains. Alcott Arts Center is an all volunteer organization and on Oct. 31 5-8pm they will see over 600 children walk through their gates. Darryl draws, actors dress up and act out scenes, then the children can get their face painted and get a bag of candy. This year I am humbled to have been asked to bring Vector out to the event and both spook children for Halloween and make them smile however I can. 

The following day I will be attending Free Comic Book Day of the Dead 2014 at Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. I will be out with many of my cosplay friends plus Angela and my son, Paul, to have fun, spend time together, do a bit of shopping at Elite, and possibly show off my new cosplay. In the evening, the party moves to Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Kansas City, MO for an evening of cosplay, costume contests, and a showing of Poltergeist! If you're in Overland Park during the day or KCMO in the evening, come say hi to my friends and I.

Given that the winter is a bit of an off season for events around here, I will also be having some feature pieces on some of my cosplay friends, but I am taking a trip to Denver with Angela in December for a Christmas parade with UCD. I'm really looking forward to getting back to my brothers and sisters in UCD and will be working on a few Christmas theme changes for Vector, so stay tuned!

I am Vector of Umbrella Corp Denver and at Umbrella, Our Business is Life Itself.