Ingrid Michaelson Brings Light to Dreary Kansas City


It was a cold, rainy Monday in Kansas City, and the Royals game had been cancelled.  Singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson came to the rescue and brought some light to the city with her wit, sarcasm, sass, and most importantly, her mesmerizing voice.  

(Ingrid Michaelson in Mix 93.3's Studio B)

Prior to her performance at the Uptown Theater last night, Ingrid performed in Studio B for some lucky Mix listeners.  Her acoustic set consisted of the oldie but goodie, "The Way I Am," curren hit "Girls Chase Boys," and her new single "Afterlife."  In between songs, she answered questions from fans, mentioning how she dreams of touring with Coldplay, and she joked about how her many jock fans would be able to attend her show that night since the Royals game was rained out.  She then posed for pictures with fans, and was incredibly sweet and down-to-earth. 

(Gracie Schram)

That night, she brought her stripped-down acoustic set to the Uptown Theater, with Kansas City's own Gracie Schram and Nashville duo Neulore opening.  By now I'm sure you're familiar with 16-year old Gracie since we rave about her constantly at Mix! Though she played only three songs, her performance was flawless. She wooed the audience with "Yellow Shoes" and "Wallflower" off of her new EP, as well as her inspirational hit "We are the Change."  Noting Michaelson as her favorite artist of all time, opening for her was a dream come true! 

Next up was Neulore, a Lumineers-esque indie duo from Nashville.  While I was underwhelmed by their music, I admired the passion and energy they maintained throughout their entire performance.  Their charm and wit also compensated for my indifference towards their music.  Lead vocalist Adam Agin related his drinking red wine out of a Dixie cup on stage to the high probability of a good night.  He certainly was not wrong!  

After their roughly hour-long set, the brilliant Ingrid Michaelson took the stage.  With a guitar, piano, ukelele, and two backup vocalists/guitarists, she played acoustic arrangements of new and old songs.  Her voice translates impeccably live, with a tone so enchanting and pure. Combining emotional storytelling with her unbelievable vocal range (seriously, she can hit ANY note perfectly), Ingrid left the crowd in awe.
Not only is she an amazing singer and songwriter, she's also quite the comedian. Her bluntness and sarcasm along with her overall quirky personality had the audience laughing all night.  One minute, she'd have everyone cracking up, then the second she hit the first note of the next song, the crowd fell silent as they watched and listened in awe. As the show came to an end, Ingrid invited Gracie and Neulore on stage to join her in singing "Afterlife."  It was awesome to see local share the stage with her! 

Intriguingly and without effort, Ingrid took her fans on an emotional rollercoaster last night, but in the most amazing way.