San Diego Comic Con? Yeah, I've heard of it…but I didn't get to attend. However, several of my friends did and they have been sharing things with me. What are the big things? Well other than some pretty cool cosplay at SDCC, the big things seem to focus on Wonder Woman, Avengers, Evil Dead, Mad Max, Halo: Nightfall, and the Mockingjay Part 1 trailer. The first image of Wonder Woman was displayed at a panel event on Saturday and had mixed review with some people comparing it to the costume of Xena: Warrior Princess. Mad Max: Fury Road footage showed a head shaven Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy rebooting the post-apocalyptic world first seen in Mel Gibson's trilogy. Mockingjay Part 1 was promoted with the first official trailer that showed the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and was a big buzz at SDCC. Evil Dead is being turned into a television series by Sam Raimi, his brother, and Bruce Campbell and it appears the plan is for Ash to be the star of the series. Last but not least, Halo: Nightfall was promoted. Yes, I admit, I'm a massive Halo fan and I'm looking forward to this, especially since it ties to Xbox One's Halo 5: Guardians. Halo: Nightfall is an upcoming live action series being made by the basically now shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, but Nightfall will survive as entertainment for the Xbox One. Halo 5: Guardians will be released next year for Xbox One.

Well, if you missed my last post and didn't hear about the "We're Batman" event at Elite Comics on 7/26/14 or you weren't able to make it out for it, you missed an incredible time. As many as 1200 people showed up at Elite Comics to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary, which happened last week. Comic book lovers, people passing by who saw the tent, vendors and artists such as Amanda Lynn Chainmaille Creations and the amazing Darryl Woods, and of course cosplayers with everything from the Predator who was spotted carrying a decapitated Batman head, Deadpool, Poison Ivy, Harvey Two Face, Lady Bane, Clock King, Death Stroke, Harley Quinn, Punisher, Super Girl, Bat Girl, numerous Caped Crusaders, and of course I was there as Vector (sorry, I don't have a Batman theme yet). If you've never been to an Elite Comics event, then you should really make it out there. There is almost always some free comics for the kids, discounts on merchandise for fans, vendors of all types from artists and novelists to chainmail makers and plate decorators, plus nearly always…cosplay. Elite Comics is the place that many of the local cosplayers go as they are consistently putting on events and also started the Planet Comicon event in KC several years ago.  Their next big event will be a Day of the Dead Free Comic Book Day 2014 where they have announced there will be a cosplay/costume contest and a chance to carry THE ELITE…

Next on the agenda is the Air Guitar National Finals in Kansas City on August 9th. This is a one of a kind that combines comedy, rock 'n roll, and air guitar characters into a mixture of insanity. Kansas City's own Mean Melin flew to Finland last year and won the 18th Annual Air Guitar World Championships and now he has helped to bring the U.S. Air Guitar National Finals to his home in Kansas City. Why is this important to me or the world of Comicon? Because I will be there! Vector will be in attendance as will a few other local cosplayers to entertain and visit with the crowd. The best air guitarists from all over the US will be flying into KC for this event. Mean Melin will also be performing, but because of his previous win, he has a bye all the way to the World Championships and doesn't have to compete until then. Also not competing will be your local cosplayers, but don't be surprised if they join in for a bit here and there.

The following week on Aug 14th will be the Zombies Got Talent show at Davey's Uptown at 10PM. I will be in attendance at this to help keep the zombie horde from getting out of control as will KC's own Peige ZombieQueen. On August 15th, 16th, and 17th will be Crypticon Kansas City at the Ramada on Universal Ave. This is THE local horror convention for the Kansas City area an will be an awesome party.  I will have more details on both of these events in an upcoming post.
Lastly, I will be starting a part of my blog that focuses on things that I see and witness in cosplay, positive and negative, and how cosplayers deal with them. Sometimes we get grief from the general public, harassed by people, touched or photographed inappropriately, or generally made to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable by other cosplayers. However, we also have many moments with incredible fans, charity work, and incredible moments with other cosplayers and photographers that make all of that melt away. I have experienced my share of all of this and will be sharing those moments as well in upcoming blogs plus what some of my friends have seen or experienced and words of wisdom from fellow cosplayers who have been around far longer than I have been in the cosplay world.

Until then, Umbrella – Our Business is Life Itself.
Comicon Ron