Comicon Ron

  Well Con season in the Midwest is definitely in full swing. The weekend of June 13th I was in Denver for Denver Comic Con to join my brothers and sisters of Umbrella Corp Denver with their goal of raising money for charity and to enjoy the Con in general. I had an awesome time meeting Edward James Olmos, William Adama from the remade Battlestar Galactica series, Tess Laeh from Face Off who also made an incredible Nemesis that our UCD leader proposed to his now fiancée Jenna in at DCC, spending time with the 501st, wandering the artist and Vendor alleys, and doing interviews as Vector. Other than raising enough money to fund 30 kids through the program for Comic Book Classroom, DCC's charity, and all our old fans and new fans who stopped by our booth, one of the best parts of the Con was the numerous celebrities who stopped by to take photos with Umbrella Corp Denver. Michael Rooker, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Bruce Campbell, 3 Power Rangers: David Yost, Walter Jones, and Jason David Frank, plus Face Off artists Tess Laeh, Tyler Green, and Rashaad Santiago, plus most dramatically Lou Ferrigno stopped by to pose in our zombie containment cage, break the cage, tote around our 20mm Gatling gun, and sign our leader's dashboard.

So, I know I make it seem like UCD is all that was at DCC (definitely the most important part), but the guest list was extensive, the panels were incredible, and the cosplay was very good. A quick rundown of guests included: Karen Gillan, William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Sylvester McCoy, Bruce Campbell, Chandler Riggs, Karl Urban, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Raphael Sbarge, David Yost, Michael Rooker, Gigi Edgley, Jason David Frank, Walter Jones, and numerous others. There were numerous panels hosted by the celebrities plus cosplayers and gamers, areas set up for different ages, vendors of all types, cosplay galore, videographers and photographers everywhere, excitement, smiles, and tons of fun. DCC had events on Thursday night before the con plus Friday and Saturday evenings; which basically made it a non-stop Comic Con party in Denver from Thursday around 6 PM until Sunday when the con was over, minus a few hours to sleep here and there. But seriously, who needs sleep?

So, what is coming up in Kansas City? On July 26th from 10 AM – 4 PM there will be an event at Elite Comics in Overland Park to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary. They plan on having 30 artists on site, a lots of awesome Batman giveaways, a DJ, a Food Truck, Live Art, and something they need everyone’s help with…an attempt at a world record for the most people at an event in Batman masks/cowls, plus there will be cake! Come out, see a lot of cosplayers, have fun, and participate in “We’re Batman” day at Elite Comics.

Lastly, please keep in mind that Saturday October 11, 2014 from 2PM – 5PM is the Fall 2014 Kansas City Zombie Walk 4 Hunger event. Go to for more information, but I will be posting more information as well as this event gets closer.

I hope to see some of you out at these events and I will be posting more in the near future. Until then, remember, Umbrella Corp, Our Business is Life Itself.

Comicon Ron