Before I get into the blogging process, I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ron and I am a member of several cosplay groups including Umbrella Corp. Denver, a parody cosplay for charity organization, and one of the founding members of KC Cosplay, a loose association of the cosplayers in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. In the past I worked in theatre in High School, College, and some Phantom of the Opera events that led into me developing my own The Crow and Matrix costumes as well as a love for Renfest events. While I am not an expert in any certain genre of nerdom, I do have a love for sci-fi, cosplay, movies, music, comics, reading, and photography. Over the last year I have become extremely active in the cosplay scene with the development of  Vector, the Umbrella Corp. Denver character I portray, and my work in progress of Cyclops of the X-Men. I have a great group of friends in UCD and KC Cosplay who will also be helping with reports of events near and far to KC and many amazing photographers such as Jon Recor, Trevor Munson, Kaela Domenico of SPC Portrait Art, Chris Dorsey, Kevin Smith, Gene Starr, and several others who beautifully capture our efforts to cosplay, entertain, and generally have fun being the nerds that we are.

KC Cosplay is a relatively new group that is helping to unite the incredible talent that our area has produced in the cosplay world. We have everything from Iron Man and War Machine standing over 7 foot tall with their own Stan Lee to a near identical Wolverine who also contracts through Marvel as well as Star Wars members of the 501st, Mandalorian Mercs, and Rebel Legion Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Umbrella Corp with a Zombie Horde, Emma Frost, X-Men, Wicked Witch of Oz, Power Rangers, Deadpool, Alien, Borderlands bandits, Halo, Deathstroke, Batman, Catwoman, Joker family, and…well you get the point. This group of people combines crafting abilities with foam, resin, and latex to make creations that are always pushing the limit and blowing my mind to people with costuming and makeup abilities that astound those who see them and a lot of it looks like it belongs on a Hollywood set. 

Not only is this group of people amazingly talented, but they're also incredibly giving. For over 6 years several members have been going to Children's Mercy Hospital to visit the patients, attend fundraiser functions, and anything else they can do to help bring smiles or much needed funds to the children at CMH.  Members of KC Cosplay also appear at movie screenings, special events, fundraisers for other organizations, comic cons, photo shoots, neighborhood BBQs, etc. As a member of UCD, I work with other charities as well including Wounded Warrior Project. 

Now that I've given a nice overview of myself and our organizations, I'm sure people want to know what to expect here. Well, I've been dubbed "Comicon Ron" by Ponch, since these topics and interests that I'm so passionate about are usually what Rocket, Teresa, and Ponch hear about when they see me. So, I'll be discussing upcoming and past Comicon events, fundraiser projects for charities we are working with, photo shoots we do and the chaos behind the scenes of all of this plus whatever movies, comics, or local events that happen to tie in or interest me. (Warning, I love Sporting KC and I'm a nursing student, so a little off topic may happen on occasion).
What is happening in the near future? Well the weekend of Friday the 13th in June, I will be in Denver for Denver Comic Con, the weekend of June 21st is Smallville Comicon in Hutchinson Kansas, July 26th is Batman's 75th anniversary with a "We're Batman" party at Elite Comics in Overland Park and at attempt to set a record with people in Batman cowls, and several other events I'll address in later posts. 
Have a great weekend everyone!
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