Getting settled in.

Can I brag about my 18 month old for a minute?  Sweet lil Miles Parker got moved into a big boy bed MUCH earlier than I had planned.  We just moved and I didn't want to do a nursery again and then have to switch him — too confusing and it was just easier.  So, I was really nervous the first night in the new house with him (and his sissy) being a floor above us, but the bed switch!  He.  Slept.  Like.  A.  Champ!  I have the side rails up so I *think* he thinks he's stuck in there til I go get him (which is JUST fine with me!).  He calls out 'mama' in the morning, I go get him and that's that.  Love this kid.  He's such a good eater and sleeper.  Love my little girl, but she's picky picky with all food and she's known to get up a few times a night!  Anyway, it's the little things in life!