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The World's End

The World's End is the third film directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They gained overnight fame with the surprise hit Shaun of the Dead in 2004.  The story is about five middle-aged friends who set out to conquer to "The Golden Mile", a pub crawl to twelve pubs located in the small town of Newton Haven.  During their quest, they find themselves saving the world against a race of humanoid robots. 

This movie takes awhile to get going, but Simon Pegg's high energy and quick wit provides good laughs throughout the story.   Although this film doesn't fair well compared to Shaun of the Dead,  it is fun to watch.
The special effects were comical, but not bad and the fight scenes were pretty good.  The story had an original spin on it for an apocalypse movie in the sense that it was set against an epic pub crawl making the world's impending doom a secondary priority for the gang. It was fun to root for them to make it from pub to pub while trying to avoid the blue-blooded robots trying to take over the world.
The things I liked most about the movie were the cinematography, the interesting camera angles and the creepy extras.  I did feel bored at certain points and the movie felt a little long even though the run time is only 109 minutes.
 As far as it goes for this year's apocalypse movies, The World's End has much better production quality than This is the End, but it's also nowhere near as funny.  Either way, if you enjoyed any of the films from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, it's worth a watch.
My grade for this film: B
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08/23/2013 12:43AM
The World's End
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