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The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger was directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) and stars Armie Hammer (J. Edgar) and Johnny Depp (The Rum Diary).  This is a reboot of the radio show from the 30's that became a television sensation throughout 50's.  The story starts with an elderly and borderline senile, Tonto played by Johnny Depp, who has become part of a side show at a fair in San Francisco. When he is approached by a young boy, Tonto relives his adventures as he tells the child how the legend of The Lone Ranger came to be.

There were aspects of the story that I really liked. It was well thought out and very imaginative.  Johnny Depp played a respectful and entertaining, Tonto. The story had a nice balance of good versus evil without strong political undertones. There was tons excitement and a lot of action.  Unfortunately, there were some strange moments that I still don't quite understand and with a two and a half hour run time, it felt long. On the upside, it was never uninteresting.  
My biggest complaint was the movie was much darker and more violent than I expected. I know this is a Western, but I was surprised to see that the movie resembled Tombstone more than  Pirates of The Caribbean. You might keep that in mind if you plan on taking small children to see this film. There is one scene with some pretty gory content.
The best thing about this film was easily Johnny Depp. He was exceptional as the mysterious, Tonto. I loved seeing him in this role and I don't think anyone could have done it better. Even though I was a little disappointed in this movie, Depp's performance alone made me glad I had a chance to see it. In fact, if they made a sequel, I would be happy to see it as long as they have Depp playingTonto.
Armie Hammer was a great choice to play The Lone Ranger. He's proven to have quite a range from playing the twins in The Social Network to Hoover's protégé in J. Edgar. In this film, he was easy to like with the right mix of clumsy comedy while being savvy enough to fall into the role of The Lone Ranger.
I thought the sets, scenery, acting, and stunts were fantastic, but as a whole, I was slightly disappointed in this movie. I had high hopes going in, but it was a little too dark and a little too long for me to say it was great. By the end of the story the filmmakers did a terrific job of recreating the essence of The Lone Ranger I was hoping to see. If you have the time, go see it for Depp's performance if nothing else. 
My grade for this film: B+
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07/02/2013 6:04PM
The Lone Ranger
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