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Sick & Tired Of Animal Cruelty

Today I read about two teenage girls in New Jersey who put a KITTEN (similar to the one below) in a MICROWAVE, on video, laughed and shared it with the world on YouTube. They have since been arrested.

Then, there's a whale that washes up, also in New Jersey, that YES, is already dead, but people decide to spray graffiti all over it, no doubt laughing the entire time.

I ask you, as a fellow human being, and someone who is very small to the world, what gives us the right or craving to harm innocent creatures, or humiliate them? Why do we feel like we are invincible and take the bigger picture for granted? It really, really makes me feel down somedays.

Please promise me one thing - ANYTIME you see an animal being treated in a harmful or wrong manner, be big enough to STEP UP and say "NO" and let the person or people know "No, that's not cool" and "why would you do that?" If that gets no resolution, call somebody to make sure it will.

We will never be able to stop animal cruelty - that's a hard pill to swallow.

However, if we each do our part, we can greatly reduce the amount of this stuff that goes on.


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05/02/2014 3:49PM
Sick & Tired Of Animal Cruelty
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