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Hugh Jackman is back as Logan in The Wolverine. In this installment of the popular X-Men franchise Logan goes to Japan to visit an old friend from World War II. To his surprise, he is offered an opportunity to become mortal and he must decide if his constant nightmares and tortured past is worth escaping for a normal life with the promise of eminent death.

I love the X-Men series and I am a pretty big fan of Hugh Jackman, but I was disappointed by The Wolverine. It started out great and had some really fun action sequences, but by the end it was pretty slow and anti-climactic. The thing I didn't like the most about the movie was the supporting cast. In particular, the character Venom. I didn't care for her performance and the costuming was terrible.  It looked more like something from SNL than X-Men.  As a whole, this movie just wasn't quite to par compared to the other Marvel Comics films. 
There were elements of the story that I thought were good, but with the manner in which it played out with constant flashbacks and dreams, I found it nearly impossible to connect with the new characters. 
I hate to sound entirely negative, the movie isn't terrible or even bad by any means.  Jackman put out a good performance, the special effects were decent, there are some fun fighting sequences and some good moments of comic relief. I believe the problem is the previous X-Men movies have set the bar so high, it's tough to do a smaller story with only one of the main characters.
The Wolverine although somewhat disappointing, is still worth seeing. If you do plan on seeing this in the theaters there are a couple things to know. Make sure you stay for the credits... The only thing I can say is AWESOME!.. and the 3D really didn't add anything.  It will be just as enjoyable in 2D and you'll have a little extra money for concessions.
All in all, even though I was disappointed, I had fun seeing another addition to the X-Men series and if you're a fan, I wouldn't miss it.
My grade for this film: B-
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07/26/2013 12:10AM
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