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Elysium is the Neill Blomkamp's (District 9) futuristic sci-fi thriller about a time where the elitists reside on a utopian space station known as Elysium. A place where every home is equipped with a machine capable of healing any sickness or injury. The rest of the human population lives on a semi-toxic earth and is controlled by an abusive robotic police force. The story revolves around a former criminal played by Matt Damon (The Departed). While trying to get to Elysium for healing, he finds himself fighting for the equality of the entire population. This movie also features Jodie Foster (The Brave One) and Sharlto Copley (District 9).

This movie while thought provoking and visually stunning, it was disappointing. Parts of the story were interesting, but the toxic earth concept is getting a little tired. This is the third sci-fi movie I've seen this year where the earth was either abandoned, damaged, or contaminated. I had higher hopes for Elysium than Oblivion, but it was not quite as enjoyable. It was much more compelling than After Earth. I think if you like either of those films and don't mind graphic violence, you'll like this movie, but if you're looking for something comparable to District 9, you're sure to be let down.
The acting was as good as it could be given the underdeveloped characters. I found it difficult to empathize for anyone and in turn was underwhelmed by the climaxes of the story.  There were a lot of unanswered questions and aspects to the futuristic world I wish would have had more explanation and detail.
On the upside, I was in awe of the special effects. They were absolutely phenomenal and by far the best thing about the movie.  There was also plenty of action throughout the story, but the rest of the movie was overly melodramatic and had little to no comic relief.
Ultimately, while I enjoyed parts of this movie, I became bored and left theater puzzled, full of questions and disappointed.  
My grade for this film: B-
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08/08/2013 2:39PM
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