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Animal Cruelty Needs To Stop... For ALL Animals

The below linked story just makes me COMPLETELY sick... and I'll be the to admit that I HATE opposums... They are ugly, creepy animals that often times live in the sewer and carry disease. Gross. But if they aren't in your house or a threat to you, they're in their HABITAT. They are one of God's creatures and are put here for a reason. They're part of the food chain, yes, and at times, maybe they DO need to be removed. But why anyone would feel it's acceptable to burn and torture and kill an innocent animal like this and film it on the Internet is beyond me. Truly sick. I don't care if it's a dog, cat, opposum, raccoon, tiger, blue jay, cardinal, fox... No animal deserves to be tortured by man. We live in their world, too, and their natural habitat is outside. This story infuriates me. 

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01/08/2014 2:54PM
Animal Cruelty Needs To Stop... For ALL Animals
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