Dave O’s Best of Kansas City!

Did you miss Dave O’s Rally House Best of KC “Fill In The Blank”?!

Check it out below!

August 17th:

What is best BBQ in KC?

After 96 phone calls answered, here were results.

5. Char Bar

 4. Gates 

3. Q39 

2. Jack Stack 

1. Joe’s KC 



August 24th:

Who was the best player on the 14/15 WS teams.

After 87 calls, here were results.

 5. Gordo 

4. Lo-Cain 

3. Moose 

2. Hoz 

1. Salvy 


August 31st

Who has best nachos in KC?

After 64 calls, here were results.

 5. Jose Peppers

 4. Margaritas 

3. 54th Street 

2. No Other Pub 

1. The Falloon 


September 7th

Who has best coffee in KC?

After 91 calls, here were results.

5. Quay Coffee 

4. Starbucks 

3. Scooters 

2. PT’s 

1. Messenger


September 14th 

The best QB of all-time is ___.

After 57 calls, here were results.

 5. R. Gannon 

4. A. Smith 

3. P. Mahomes 

2. L. Dawson 

1. T. Green