Micah’s Blog Post #6 – April 5th, 2017

Update from Micah: From March 30th – April 5th!

I’ve always fancied myself a revolutionary. I’m always telling people to change the world. As a kid, I would rally my siblings to request (well, demand) certain foods for dinner. Little did I know that my bend towards being a revolutionary would impact the way I see myself today.

When I looked in the mirror before the contest, I mostly noticed the things I didn’t like about myself but had accepted them as fact. There’s nothing I could do, I thought. Since I’ve been working out, I’ve noticed that I look different. My posture is straighter. My skin is clearer. My waist is slimmer. Those things are great, but more importantly, the muscles on my arms are more defined. I can do several exercises that I couldn’t do on day one. My brain is clearer.

I am stronger than I thought I could be: mentally and physically. At first, my motivation was to look fierce on the beach this summer. Thirty days in, my motivation has changed. I want to be the strongest and healthiest version of me. For some, this idea doesn’t amount to much. For me, it is revolutionary.

We are so excited to be following Micah and we can’t wait to keep seeing her results!

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