Comic Con Ron’s Blog Post


Hello Midwest comicon lovers and beyond. I know, it’s been a while since I updated, but life happened and my father passed away. I’m still going through the ups and downs of emotions, but I’m trying to find my way back to some normalcy in my life. So…here goes.


It’s been a busy few months in the cosplay and comicon world. We had Planet Comicon in May highlighted with the one and only Stan Lee as the featured guest. For those of you who were able to make it out, you saw the biggest PCC yet and next year will be even bigger! The crowds were awesome, the vendors numerous and amazing, and the guests were signing their arms off with autographs and hamming it up for photos with fans. I was out with the local Star Wars cosplay community taking photos with everyone who found me, dancing around the con at times as Vector of Umbrella Corp, and also meeting the stars like Stan Lee for a photo op. This year we had a massive Star Wars area that shared room with other cosplayers and we had several activities available for attendees. One of them was Blast-A-Trooper where attendees could pay for a chance to shoot at Storm Troopers and other Star Wars icons with Nerf guns and it was a big success again this year. New to PCC this year was Dantooine Jedi Academy put together by Kevin Austin, Kory Burch and supported by the local Star Wars costuming groups. The Dantooine Jedi Academy is led by a Jedi knight who teaches the ways of the Force and the Jedi Order to prospective younglings at cons and events utilizing a set, sounds, lightsabers, fellow Jedis and a villain from the Dark Side who the younglings must vanquish in the end. The Dantooine Jedi Academy is free to event attendees and has been a wild success.

Speaking of success, I heard that on Saturday of the con weekend, the KCFD actually shut down the inflow of people to the convention as they were at max capacity for Kansas City Convention Center and that this either has never happened before or has very rarely happened regardless of what convention was being held…to think that next year will be even bigger and utilize even more of the available convention center rooms and main hall is awesome!




After PCC, we attended Smallville Comicon in Hutchinson, KS. Smallville is a smaller con and is held at the Kansas State Fair Grounds in Hutchinson. For the local cosplayers, it’s a more laid back event where we often end up having time to hang out together, but still have a ton of fun with the attendees and celebrity guests. This was my first year being able to attend Smallville and we had an absolute blast. As always, we had a blast wandering the con and taking pictures with attendees, but I also had the joy of being able to participate in the Dantooine Jedi Academy as one of the evil Sith the children were able to fight and vanquish with my Revanite, Lord Vector. Smallville is a long drive through KS to attend, but the trip was definitely worth it and we are looking forward to attending next year. Also, if you’re ever at an event in Hutchinson, Grandma J’s Patio Cafe at the Fairgrounds is AMAZING! We loved it so much that we ate nearly every meal there and made their Facebook page too.