SXSW Day 1

Yesterday morning,  I arrived in Austin, TX to spend a week at SXSW.  My adventure started by exploring the downtown area, watching street performers, and wandering into random venues in hopes of catching a new favorite band.

(Great Caesar)
I was not disappointed when I went to the Big Picture Media showcase as my first stop and saw the 7-piece New York band that is Great Caesar (  They’re a soul/indie/pop/rock group with some of the best stage presence I’ve seen seen from a group in a while.  They had incredible passion and energy, as well as undeniable chemistry.  They fed off of each others’ energy and movement, and got the entire crowd involved as they stopped off stage to perform in the crowd multiple times.  
(Great Caesar in crowd)
Check out this video I took to get a little glimpse of the energy and stage presence I’m talking about!

(Ben of Jukebox the Ghost)

Later that night, I stopped to see Miss Music Blog favorite Jukebox the Ghost (  I just wrote about them pretty recently when they were in Lawrence last month playing the Granada.  I’ve yet to get tired of listening to and watching these guys perform.  The show last night was great as always, and they had a huge crowd, which was awesome to see! Check out this short video I took of them performing “When the Nights Get Long” off their newest self-titled album.


I ended day one with what will possibly end up being my favorite act at SXSW: Peelander-Z (  This Japense punk band will be performing at Middle of the Map Fest in KC next month, so I wanted to get a little preview.  I’ll start off by saying that prior to this show, I knew absolutely NOTHING about this band, but I can now confidently say that they are worth the price of admission for the entire festival. Peelander-Z dressed in bright colored costumes, referring to one another as Peelander-Green, Peelander-Pink, etc.  The band interacted with the crowd throughout the entire set as they had everyone join in on a game of limbo, single “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,”  learning some new dance routines, and playing cowbell-esque instruments.  They are a MUST SEE at this years Middle of the Map Fest (April 22nd-25th), and you can get more information at  Also, when you go to see them (not IF, but WHEN), be sure to stand in the crowd and not off to the side.  You simply cannot experience this band just by listening to them.

(Peelander Yellow crowdsurfing)
Day 1 at SXSW was a success, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store! Listen to the Rocket & Teresa Show every morning from 6-10, as I’ll be checking in frequently! Keep checking back here and follow me on twitter @MissMusic933 for more updates!

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