iTunes top hits… and then some!

As I browsed iTunes most recent top 10 singles, I wasn't surprised by which songs were listed as most popular. 

1) "We Own It (Fast and Furious)" – 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa: I'm usually not a fan of rap/hip-hop but I really enjoyed this song! Not a fan of the lyrics, but it definitely has a good beat and a catchy melody.

2) "Blurred Lines"- Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell: Not my favorite song by any means.  Pretty boring. 

3) "Get Lucky"- Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Wiliams: This is one of my favorite songs on the radio right now! It's the perfect dance song. It's often hard for artists to make a successful comeback hit, but Daft Punk had no problem with that!

4) "Can't Hold Us"- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton: When they released "Thrift Shop," I figured Macklemore & Ryan Lewis would end up as one-hit-wonders.  I was wrong, though! This is yet another great hit.  These guys definitely won't be fading away anytime soon.  Their most recent album, The Heist, is hit after hit. I'm personally excited they have a song with Allen Stone (more on him in a future post). But I digress. I love this song. I love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  Moving on.

5) "Come & Get It"- Selena Gomez:  I wish she would have stuck to acting. That's all. 

6) "Boys 'Round Here"- Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies and Friends: Let me start off by saying that I love Blake Shelton as a person (or at least how he's perceived on NBC's "The Voice"). He's hilarious! I'm not a fan of his music, though.  A little too twangy for me.  That being said, I didn't care for this song at all.

7) "Just Give Me a Reason"- Pink feat. Nate Reuss of Fun.: First of all, Nate Reuss could sing the dictionary and I'd enjoy it, and it's undeniable that Pink has a fantastic voice.  This song is great, though their voices don't mix well together at all, and I don't think they should do anymore duets together… but they made this song work! 

8) "Radioactive"- Imagine Dragons: I love this song and this band so much.  Their most recent album, 'Night Visions,' is great. This song especially offers a refreshing twist to Top 40 music, which I love! 

9) "Cruise"- Florida Georgia Line feat. Nelly: The last time Nelly partnered with a country artist (remember "Over and Over" with Tim McGraw?), I was not impressed.  This time is different.  I thought the song was annoying the first time I heard it, but it has definitely grown on me.  They made country and rap blend well together.

10) "Mirrors"- Justin Timberlake: This song is brilliant.  Brings me back to the N*SYNC days.  Justin Timberlake never has a problem creating hit songs, though, so I'm not surprised this landed in the Top 10. 


Here are some of my favorite songs right now that aren't in the Top 10 on iTunes:

  • "Another Love Song"- Frank Hamilton: The guy is British and you can hear it in his songs. That right there would be enough to make me want to listen to his music. This is a catchy, upbeat, adorable love song.  The perfect pop love song! 
  • "Still Into You"– Paramore:  I've been a fan of Paramore for many years now, and although I don't enjoy their newest self-titled album, "Still Into You" is definitely a hit!
  • "Don't Let Me Fall"- Lenka: You may know her from her hit "The Show." This song was released on her self-titled album back in 2008, but I heard it recently for the first time, and its been on repeat.  

I could go on and on, but I'll save more for later posts!

What are you listening to right now?!  Leave a comment or send me an e-mail at and let me know! 

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